Tariffs are based on

  • complexity of the cases & courses: more complex higher tariff because it takes more preparation
  • duration of the contract: longer duration gets some discount
  • location: outside Zurich adds extra cost for travel time and transportation fee.

Below is a guidance (since 2014) for the hourly tariffs under the bases that location is in Zurich and duration is 2-10 hours:

  • For companies and academy:
    • Consulting and/or Analysis for publication
      • as co-author: 150 CHF
      • mentioned in Acknowledgement: 185 CHF
      • none: 220 CHF
    • Seminar/Workshop
      • minimum 1-day (6h): 580 – 760 CHF
      • including preparation and tailor-made course material: slides/handouts/exercises
  • For Professionals taking up (under)graduate exam/thesis: 135 CFH (minimum 2 hours)
  • For (under)graduate students: 120 CHF (minimum 2 hours, maximum 3 hours)

For Proofreading, one hour is equivalent to 1500 words. For Editing+Proofreading, one hour is equivalent to 1000 words. The (hourly) price depends on the complexity of the topic and the level (Bachelor thesis, Masters thesis, PhD dissertation, scientific paper), the total number of words and delivery time. Contact me to request a quote/proposal.

Sometimes I prepare some compact and tailor-made coaching notes. I offer you a lot and you have the advantage to have a teacher to yourself.

I will be be happy to discuss your consulting, analysis and coaching wishes with you and to draft a proposal for the structure and the estimated fee for you.