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About me & Publications

About Dr. Tarigan at Statistical Consulting & Coaching Zurich

I enjoy statistics. And I enjoy consulting and coaching. Add a PhD in Statistics from ETH Zürich and a vast experience in consulting and teaching, stir, and you get something that will bring your understanding of statistics and related subjects to a higher level.

I invite you to browse my site. If you want to learn more about my consulting services or to discuss a tailor made coaching session, then do not hesitate to contact me!

My background

In 2008 I obtained my Ph.D. degree in mathematical statistics from Seminar for Statistics, Department of Mathematics, ETH Zurich, with a dissertation on fast rates of convergence for adaptive classification (pattern recognition / machine learning / support vector machine). Then, I worked in Institut Teknologi Bandung Indonesia as a senior lecturer in statistics and mathematics, and in Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as a postdoc in Statistics for Life Sciences group with topic on neuronal morphology and connectivity. From June 2012 until July 2015, I worked as a Senior Research Associate in Management Information System group, Department of MTEC, ETH Zurich, providing data analysis (with R) and statistical consulting for postgraduates. From September 2016 to June 2017, I was employed by Wood Technology group, Department of Applied Wood Materials, EMPA, Dübendorf, providing survival analysis of experimental data in details of a European project and preparing reports and publications. Since 2018 I am a member of the statistical consulting team of Department of Psychology, University of Zurich.

For the past fifteen years I have acted as a lecturer in Mathematics and Statistics at ITB and have taught classes and supervised graduates at ETHZ, Leiden Universiteit and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Career Objective

To grow and to contribute my best eff ort in a stimulating environment where I can implement and enhance my skills, expertise and experience, particularly in statistics & its applications.

Professional Membership

Swiss Statistical Society (SSS)


  • Scientific Visualizations using R (ETHZ), September 2014.
  • Good Clinical Practice GCP Training (Swiss TPH, accredited by SwissMedic), August 2014.

Journal Publications

Conference Publications

  • Yi Liu and Bernadetta Tarigan. (2016). Effects of Promotion Tweets on the Number of Followers in Micro-Blogging Site. Submitted to International Center for Electronic Commerce (ICEC 2016).
  • Mihai Grigore, Bernadetta Tarigan, Juliana Sutanto and Chris Dellarocas. (2014) Understanding the Few that Matter in Online Social Production Communities: The Case of Wikipedia. Collective Intelligence, MIT, Boston, 10-12 June.
  • Mihai Grigore, Bernadetta Tarigan and Juliana Sutanto. (2013) Effects of Stick-Togetherness on the Emergence of Collective Intelligence: A Longitudinal Analysis. Statistical Challenges in E-Commerce Research (SCECR), Lisbon, Portugal, 27-28 June.
  • Mihai Calin, Bernadetta Tarigan, Juliana Sutanto. (2013) Understanding Web Portal Navigation with Markov Chains and Spreading Activation Networks. The 15th International Conference on Electronic Commerce, Turku, Finland, 13-15 August.

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